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Peer Support

We recognise that being an unpaid carer can be an isolating experience and you may feel alone, unsupported or not understood. Peer Support for unpaid carers can help with mental and physical well-being. Sharing of experiences, knowledge and skills is vital to this and can be very powerful.

We are able to assist unpaid carers to set up a peer support groups, activities and events that can provide Derby’s unpaid carers with the much-needed opportunity to meet others living in similar situations to them.

Monthly Carers Dementia Cafe

Universal Services for Carers in Derby have combined their monthly Carers Dementia group and Dementia Café with Nicky Bellenger, in partnership with Derby Theatre, to set up new Dementia Café groups. The group will meet regularly over the coming months to share their experiences of dementia with other carers in a sociable, relaxed, and welcoming environment. Nicky will share Dementia Friends information as well as discussing various topics and experiences with carers.

The group aims to develop friendships, support and understanding, as well as providing Nicky with some early inspiration for a theatre production in the future that will look to educate young people in Derby about life with Dementia, and help to break down barriers linked with living with this illness.

Please let us know if you have ideas about new peer groups that you feel would be popular or that you would be interest in starting. Your opinions make all the difference.

You can do this by calling us, emailing us or completing our survey.

Follow the link below to do this.

Peer Support Groups Survey